5 Year Strategic Plan - 2020 Vision and Beyond

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

This 5 Year Strategic Plan is the product of a collaborative process that included students, staff, board, and community members in both formal and informal conversations over the past 18 months. In August 2018, teachers and support staff began the process by identifying key elements of a Mission Statement that would best support the realization of our Vision for students. Over the six Strategic Planning sessions, student focus groups, and analysis of survey data that followed, we defined and discussed our district’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities.

This plan is not just aspirational—it is actionable! It presents a framework to guide and inform decisions that are in the best interests of our students by optimizing funding, technology, facilities, and personnel resources.

Each goal in the Strategic Plan aligns with our Mission Statement and reflects our core values. The rich and passionate exchange of ideas among participants throughout the planning process suggests that Banner County School is not only vital to the preparation of our students, but central to the health and social fabric of our community.

2020 Vision and Beyond represents a commitment to a process of continuous improvement, meeting both the current and future needs of our community, and in which we can all have a role. We look forward to further strengthening community partnerships and working together to provide opportunities and resources for our students to “realize their dreams.”