Foster Care Transportation

Friday, June 2, 2023

Banner County School works collaboratively with local social services to best support students and their families.

Upon notification of any foster care student locating to the district whose school of origin
is in a different district, administrators will work with the local area social services
agency to determine appropriate procedures for transportation provisions, arrangements,
and funding for the duration of that student’s time in local foster care.

These procedures shall ensure that the student in foster care who needs transportation to
the originating district promptly receives it in a cost-effective manner and if there are
additional costs incurred in providing transportation to the school of origin, the school
district will provide transportation if:

  1. The local agency agrees to reimburse the school district;
  2. The school district agrees to pay the costs; or
  3. The school district and the local agency agree to share the costs.

The district’s Foster Care Point of Contact is as follows:
Banner County School, 200 School St., Harrisburg, NE 69345
Telephone No.: 308-436-5262

The district will post the Foster Care Point of Contact information on its website and
provide that information to the local area social services agency when notified of students
in district foster care custody.